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    Ingrid was approved for a Hamp Modification, new payment amount: $562.94, old payment amount: $878.95, a savings of $316.01 a month, past due balance: $11,781.19, 12 payments behind


    New: $2664.19, Old: $3230.49, saving $566.30 every month. Also eligible to have a total of $183,203.04 in principal balance completely forgiven if his modification remains in good standing.


    Anthony was approved for a Modification on his 2nd morgage. Current payments ar $1,037.20, mofified payment is $696.40, a difference of $340.80, is currently past due for $4206.34.


    Justin and Jeanine were Approved for modification. Current mortgage payment is 2080.00 for P&I. New payment will be 1612.69 for P&I. A savings of $467.31 per month. New IR will be 5% instead of 8.16%


    Irvy was more than 1 year behind on his mortgage he was approved for FHA HAMP with a new payment of $960.91 his old payment was $1092.07


    Emanuel received a modification offer that requires him to make a monthly payment of $709.27 starting 4/1/2014. His payment was $1125.67 and was reduced to $709.27 saving him $416.40 every month! Emanuel is extremely happy with this new payment!


    William & Sandra Allen received a modification, their payment was $621.40 and reduced to $549.52, a savings of $71.88 a month.


    Dennis fell behind on his mortgage after having some temporary financial difficulties. Modification did not change his payment at all, it stayed right at $1094.44, but did bring him current and allowed him to remain in his home.

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